Bankable Projects Approved in Siliguri

Bankable Projects Approved in Siliguri

Following recommendations from the visits by the experts and understanding the local needs, the bankable projects below, have been approved in Siliguri.

  • Comprehensive transportation survey by traffic experts (Indian and Swiss) for verification and adjustment of the proposed measures in this assessment report – to speed up the traffic movement – to decongest the roads in the centre – to solve the on-street parking problem – to solve the on-street vending problem – and to reduce air pollution and emission of GHG in Siliguri

The transportation scenario of Siliguri is plagued by a variety of problems like

(i) vehicular congestion and slow speed of traffic along major roads;

(ii) non segregation of slow moving traffic from fast moving traffic;

(iii) lack of regulated parking;

(iv) pollution of air caused from the fumes of the vehicles;

(v) poor accessibility to bus stands, bus depots and pedestrian footpaths;

(vi) poor road design and condition;

(vii) inefficient operation of the available infrastructure etc. It is thus essential that a comprehensive transport survey be undertaken in order to take stock of the existing situation and develop recommendations on the same in order to address these issues faced by the transportation sector in Siliguri.

  • Road Map for implementation and gradual realization of the EMU (first step e.g. as Diesel Unit between Naxalbari and NJP Jn in short intervals). Earmark the designated land for future change of the single track to a double line. Implement EMU (Electric Mechanical Units) for the local transportation of persons between Naxalbari (border to Nepal) – the Airport Bagdogra – Siliguri – Jalbaiguri

The EMU will help to decongest the road transportation system in Siliguri. The presently existing infrastructure of EMU needs to be planned to be used to its full potential. A study to develop the road map for the same will be undertaken.

  • Closing of the existing dump site in the middle of the city, developing a plan for sanitary landfill capacity, finding sites, realizing of sanitary landfill

The existing dumpsite in the city of Siliguri is fast reaching its capacity. One section of the same is not being used as it is already full. This site poses a threat to the environment and human health. In order to close this section of the existing dump site a detailed study needs to be undertaken first. This study will help to close this section of the dump site in accordance with the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 and will also help to assess the landfill gas potential of the site.