Bankable Projects Approved in Coimbatore

Following recommendations from the visits by the experts and understanding the local needs, the bankable projects below, have been approved in Coimbatore.

Waste Water Management: Strategic Action Plan for Waste Water Management and Treatment in Coimbatore

  • Assessment of the overall sewer connectivity in the city and sufficiency of existing sewage treatment plants vis-à- vis proposed action plans
  • Proposals for optimisation of plants and or augmentation of sewage treatment plants

A major problem in Coimbatore is number of missing house connections to the existing sewer network. There is a black water system (sewerage system) established in the city but most of the house connections are made to the grey water channels (storm water drainage) in order to save costs.

Due to this issue, the already built or soon to be finished sewage treatment plants with a total capacity of 170 MLD in the outer areas of Coimbatore, are only fed with less than 50% raw sewage. Of the already running plant in Ukkadam, only 50% of the capacity is effectively used.

The expert team in collaboration with the local authorities agreed that a strategic planning and a proper overview of the existing infrastructure is missing. The areas of the city that will be connected to the big sewage plants, with potential timeframes, have to be clearly defined.

Under the CapaCITIES project, the technical experts will collect all information about the existing sewage management infrastructure in order to create a strategic plan for the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) for the next 15-20 years (lifetime of a sewage treatment plant). This plan will identify parts of the city that will be connected to the planned sewage plants in CCMC and support the city in order to drive the inhabitants to implement proper connections.

Waste Water Management: Assessment of Sewage Treatment Plants’ Requirement

  • Assessment of catchment area of one of the lakes – viz Singanallur Tank,
    (including industries, households etc.) in order to evaluate the right technology for the STP on the lake.

In Coimbatore, the inner-city lakes are full of waste water as well as solid waste. In December 2016, the local authorities presented the experts, the lakes project. In the next 2-3 years, around all the inner-city lakes, 14 sewage treatment plants should be realized with about 2-3 plants per lake. The technology presented for all the 14 plants should be identical. The expert team in collaboration with the local authorities will define the right technology to enhance the water quality in accordance of the strategic planning of the sewage system of Coimbatore.

The condition of the Singanallur lake has deteriorated due to mismanagement and overall negligence. With the restoration of the lake and rain water harvesting, the capacity for ground water recharge can be considerably increased and increased volumes of water can be made available to the public. The city requires a sustainable plan to harvest and store rainwater and make it available either at the surface level or within a reasonable depth. Therefore, both the restoration and development of the lake is essential to recharge the ground water system in order to augment the water resources for the city.

Under CapaCITIES project, experts will study the catchment areas of the Singanallur lake and provide the right technology on waste water treatment at the lake. This will be done in order to maintain the water quality of the lake, restore the ground water levels, conserve biodiversity & the environment and protect the lake.

Solid Waste Management: SWM Strategy

  • Support the development of a long-term SWM strategy for the city, including a roadmap and action plan

Under CapaCTIES project, Coimbatore will focus on the solid waste management (SWM) system and the associated CO2 mitigation opportunities by developing an SWM strategy for the city. The project will include analysis of the present solid waste management of Coimbatore, identifying the main options for an environmentally optimized SWM, support the development of a strategy and timeline for the evolution of the SWM of Coimbatore, providing expert and technical support for the SWM pilot project implementation in the city and SWM capacity building for the city authorities and staff during the entire project.

The SWM strategy 2035 of the city will include a clear vision of the future, with the over-all goals, a roadmap to achieve them and an action plan with actionable tasks. Indicators, reporting and a plan-act- check-do cycle are advised to effectively steer the system.

Solid Waste Management: Landfill Waste Management

  • Engineering plan for movement of waste from multiple dumps in Vellalore to the existing central dump, which is to be scientifically closed
  • Technical advice for the overall planning of the dumpsite at Vellalore (Masterplan) including dewatering system and leachate treatment plant, landfill gas management, environmental control and monitoring system, operational manual and landfill gas management system

The old dumpsite at Vellalore is the positive result of a project to shift waste openly dumped at Vellalore site for a long time. The dumping of about 900000 m 3 of mixed waste took place from 2008 to 2011 and around 5 lakh tonnes of waste lie spread out over a large area in and around the closed dumpsite. The waste dumped in and around the closed dump site will be bought into the site and scientifically capped after shifting the waste. CapaCITIES will technically support with proper design, plan of waste
movement and necessary trainings for the concerned CCMC staff.

The city has a well-planned sanitary landfill. The risk of groundwater contamination by leachate is substantial. Initially, the landfill was designed for the rejects of the composting plant. Presently the landfill is hardly used and 90% of the waste of the city remains untreated and is dumped on an open area next to the landfill. Consequently, an estimated 900000 m 3 (more than 500000 tonnes) of waste lie in the open with leachate penetrating into the ground and methane being emitted.

CapaCITIES will support the overall planning of the Vellalore site for future extensions of the landfill / facilities like technical advice for the overall planning of the site, dewatering system and leachate treatment plant, new landfill, degassing system, monitoring system and operation manual.

Solid Waste Management: Technical Assistance for review of a detailed project report (DPR) for SWM incineration, a support to CCMC to create a bankable project

To find a solution for the problem of waste accumulating at the Vellalore dump yard, the Coimbatore Corporation has planned to establish a Waste-to- Energy plant. The Corporation is working on the detailed project report and intends to set it up on public private partnership mode.

CapaCITIES will support the planned commissioning of a detailed project report (DPR) for incineration, review it and support to create a bankable project.