Pilot Projects Approved in Coimbatore

Following recommendations from the visits by the experts and understanding the local needs, the pilot projects below, have been approved in Coimbatore.

Solid Waste Management: Towards Zero Waste Management

  • Design and Implementation of a decentralised solid waste management for the selected zero waste wards

The Sunya segregated waste collection is now established and is a successful pilot scheme in ward 23. It is serving as a template for the CCMCs future collection system in other wards. The city wants to expand the 100% source segregation and collection to all the wards. It is looking for funding for the implementation including infrastructure development and awareness with the public and the workers.

CapaCITIES will support the implementation of the decentralised processing / treatment plants for organic waste and sorting facility centres for in-organic waste at community levels in two more wards of Coimbatore – Ward 22 and Ward 24.

Air quality monitoring – PM 10, PM 2.5

Coimbatore is one of India’s leading industrial centres, with excellent potential for growth. The presence of large scale industrial activities in and around Coimbatore along with increasing vehicular traffic tends to have a strong impact on the environmental quality of the city, particularly the vital component of air. The levels of vehicular emissions have seen a marked rise over the years, increasing the chances of health disorders.

CapaCITIES will support the city to implement the air quality monitoring system in four traffic congested locations to monitor the air pollution level with the help of air pollution control equipment’s. The device would monitor air quality, temperature and a few other parameters. The device would then transmit the data to a server where the data would get stored. The Corporation can then access the data as and when required to monitor and control the air pollution levels.