ClimateResilientCITIES Action Plan Methodology

The ClimateResilientCITIES Action Plan (CRCAP) methodology is tailor made for Local Governments (LGs), providing step by step guidance for the development of a climate resilient city action plan. This planning process is based on the premise that climate resilience refers to both climate change mitigation (reduction of GHG emission) and adaptation (addressing climate change impacts such as sea level rise, precipitation changes, temperature changes and extreme events), and linkages therein.

The 9-step process comes in three phases: Analyze, Act and Accelerate – each unfolding into three steps – outlining how climate fragility can be assessed and climate resilient options (to achieve low emissions development and climate adaptive development) can be identified and integrated into urban development policies, plans and processes. It consists of a wide range of tools and guidance notes to support LGs to deliver effective local climate action.

This process equips LGs to estimate the GHG intensity of city activities, assess the climate risks of various systems in the city in the context of urbanisation and poverty, identify actions to address existing and forecasted climate fragility and develop an implementation and monitoring plan. The plan will help the city to adapt to existing and impending climate change impacts, and will also steer the city’s focus to climate change mitigation measures.

This process builds on ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign, ICLEI’s flagship mitigation program; the GreenClimateCities (GCC) program and ICLEI’s adaptation toolkit, the ICLEI Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) Process or IAP toolkit.