Establishment of Organic Compost Plant in Coimbatore

The organic compost plant has been established in ward 23 in Coimbatore city under the SUNYA project. The plant processes all types of organic waste into compost within 24 hours and has per day capacity of processing 125 kg of compost. It is produced from the organic waste from wards 22, 23, 24. The plant helps create garbage free cities and prevents global warming.

Household level waste segregation kick started in Siliguri in Ward numbers 2 and 17

Special thanks to the Hon’ble Mayor, Deputy Mayor, all MMICs, especially MMIC (Conservancy), Borough Chairpersons of Borough numbers 1 and 3, Ward Councillors of Ward numbers 2 and 17, Commissioner, Secretary, OC (SWM), Borough Officers of Borough numbers 1 and 3, SI & FSO, Urban Planner and all the Ward Committee Members of Wards 2 and 17.

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